Membership Bennefits

Whangarei MTB club (formerly known as 'Parahaki Mountain Bike Club') has been operating since the days when fluro Lyrca was cool, narrow bars with bar-ends were normal and suspension was unheard of. Our goal is to establish and grow the sport within the Whangarei region by helping riders connect with one another, and through development of an ever-improving network of trails across the district.

Ride - helping ensure that our members have fun riding their bikes off road, no matter what skill or fitness level you are.

Dig - ensuring that there are high-quality mountain bike trails to ride. We plan these with landowners, build them through our volunteers, pay for the materials needed through membership fees, donations and grants. And we maintain them so they continue to be a valued resource for everyone to enjoy.

Social - while there's no doubt about how seriously we take our riding, we try to keep most club events geared towards the fun end of the spectrum. While there may be plenty of banter about Strava times, but our group rides are always open to riders of all ages and skill levels and our working bees often include a bbq afterwards.

By joining WMBC you help fund this activity. Membership money goes back into trail maintanence and development, including insurance to allow members to work within Rayoniers forestry. Any profit from events goes directly back into organising more events. Become a member of the Whangarei Mountain bike club and enjoy the trails, sights and fun we can offer.

By joining WMBC you are helping us support the growth of mountain biking in the Whangarei region, giving us a strong voice to effectively lobby for mountain biking with the council and landowners, and you are helping ensure we have trails to ride for years to come.

Membership rules:

Junior riders:

  • All riders under the age of 18 require a prent/guardian signature to attend and enter club events/races.
  • Under 14 riders require a parent/guardian to accompany and ride with them on regular club/group rides but are free to ride alone in a race or event type situation.


  • All riders Must respect the land owners rights and access permissions where ever they may be riding.
  • We encourage ALL our members to explicitly stay off riding any walking only trails and tracks around our district.
  • We are a community and volunteer based club so we ask in return you treat all of our members with the same respect level. If something isn't 100%, talk about it with us and help us to make it right. "we can only do what we can do"
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